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    ...I presume that the games here dont all have to be pokemon?...Do they?

    This is my first attempt at actually using RM XP so dont expect to much out of it cause im quite bad at it

    Anyway a basic plot hunnies:

    2000 years ago a great power was unleashed onto the world,
    the dark wizard Minyano befouled the world with darkness and evil.
    The planet of Aloia was in chaos, random monsters spouting up everywhere..Muggings,Riots and the occasional...Well I dont really want to mention it...

    The streets were painted a dark red and there was little pure life left, most creatures and people had become corrupt and turned evil. Minyano had decided that hed had enough and ordered the pures to be killed. One survived. He escaped to the Mystic Hills, the only place that could only be touched by a pure soul. There someone talked to him, he was granted the power of Sheng (Sacred.) Using this power he converted everyone. And banished Minyano.

    Though he was defeated he cowed to return, but this is yet uneventfull.

    "He" was dubbed the name "Issimondo" (In their language in that time it meant Pure Hero)
    Untill his death Issimondo fought the world of monsters, attempting to destroy every one. But there was one monster so powerfull that he couldent defeat and he was slayn.

    His wife,Family,Freinds,Kids and EVERYONE across alioa was distrout.

    Their god Micanoa (Ultimate Power) sayd that when Minyano was to return his Heir would be given the same power as him.

    That is now.

    *Wipes forehead* Whew long story lol

    Heres 2 screenies of what ive done so far:

    As I said dont expect too much from this game im really pretty bad.

    :D Banner by Dash :D

    Cmon guys MT was great :'(