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    Pokemon Copperlite...Being made on RMXP

    (dont ask aout the name...i dont know either it jsut came to me and i liked ie)
    Story:Youre a young trainer in the Tinto region. Your father works for Pokemon Inc., A company that produces most items for pokemon. As you follow the normal quest to become a Pokemon Master you find out that your father is taking part in an illegal expiriment by Team Rocket to clone and digitize pokemon and put them into a database so that they can hack into the computer systems of everyday life like the marts and poke centers. You must stop this expiriment before Team Rocket takes over the world.

    Features: I am using Blizzy's starterkitt
    ~2 regions playable...Tinto(custom region) and Johto
    ~only the first 251 pokemon
    ~possible 20 new pokemon
    ~Running Script
    ~The ability to catch and undigitize Digitized Pokemon

    Screen shots:

    The new LilyDale Town: Your Home town (below)

    If anyone is interested in helping in anyway PM me and i will get back to you...