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    Now i know i am new to this board but i have been tyring on for some time now to get red/blue chip sets.
    And well i was wondering if anyone had them. If there is already a topic like this then by all means clos it i do not want to populate this board with un wanted threads.
    But i do want to know ,agina i know i am being redundant and repetitive, but i was wondering if anyone had red/blue chip sets. Preferbly the blue so i can use it for my Retro Blue game. Also if anyone has theenemy sprties and back of pokemion sprites i would appreciate it very much.

    Again i am aware i am new and thsi thread might not see any action because of that but i thought i would still ask politely and see if anyone answered. Tahnks in advace for anyone who helps.

    Please click all on profiles please