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    Well anyways, part of me hopes I can DP here since I'm not spamming but continuing my poems or whatnot.
    Anyways, I wrote a new one a few minutes ago.
    Another work of pure and utter crud to the max. =D

    The Ugly Side of You:

    You thought you were rid of me,
    you thought I was gone,
    a part of a dark past, waning away...

    You wished for the end of me,
    you wished for a peace without me,
    you prayed each night to your made up god,
    begging to be free from me....

    Night after night, you'd make a new cut,
    hoping you could bleed me dry,
    erase me from this world,
    erase me from your mind...

    Day in and day out you would lie,
    telling people I was gone,
    that you were a whole new you,
    but lies always come back,
    they come back ten fold...

    Whenever you actually believe me gone,
    whenever you start to truly think me dead,
    you'll look back inside yourself,
    questions your moves and dissect yourself,
    searching for proof of what you want to be,
    a nonexistant memory.

    Don't you worry though,
    I'm just a lie, and I'll be back for you,
    your greed, your jealousy,
    the mistrust and the hatred you had inside,
    you thought we were gone,
    but we were buried inside,
    biding our time, counting the seconds,
    the ugly side of you always comes back,
    and like every lie you tell,
    we'll come back ten fold.
    My Poetry Thread...Should you get bored XD

    Thanks to Kyosuke for the awesome banners. They're amazing ^.^

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