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Originally Posted by DarkMage31
Yeah, it is mammoth. That's why we want as many people working on it as we can!

Meerkat did a custom Enter Hero Name screen for later ease in the Pokemon battle system. I'm doing a lot with the CMS and navigation of the battle sys, and some graphics. What we have so far is all the basics of a fight in one turn- You see your trainer on screen, you see the pokeball throw just like on the GBA, and then you can select Fight and there is one move, Tackle, that works. I'm incorporating the scenery pan in the beginning and adding all the pkmn into the engine. Here're some screens:

Avatar> And that's what we're doing, it's a whole game, and anyone who wants to help can join. We have ppl doing map design, chipsets, charsets, and everything! It's not just a system. w00ters! However, our first release is most likely just going to be the system because I know a lot of people are looking forward to the release for the CBS so they can use it in their games (we're nice that way). I mean, think about it: wouldn't it be nice to put something together that is used in every single game of this genre from this day on? What a great feeling!
The Battle system looks very nice so far (except you forgot to change Hero graphics) and the Name system looks good too, oh and i'd help out, with map design / some graphics, etc and might help with a little coding, i have never been good at coding.. maybe its because im too impatient to learn coding.. oh well i'd still help, just tell me if you need any help