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    This is my storyline! NO ONE CAN STEAL IT! I currently have no screen shots and I need some help with it please. I need a Vegeta SS4 charset for RMXP. And any others if anyone is willing to contribute.
    This is a lost legacy.. The life after Goku got wished into a kid and the dragonballs fused with his body. It takes place when a great evil comes to earth as Bojack. Only hes rebuilt as an android. (Need someone to make his charset PLEASE!!) They fight and blah blah. and Bojack dies. Then A TON of other stuff happens Im not gonna mention because Im sure someone is gonna try to steal my story in some sort of way.

    Game so far;
    Coding: 1%
    Mapping 16%
    spriting: 1%

    I am seeking a team if anyone is willing to join. Ill need 3 beta testers, 2 coders, 3 spriters and thats about it. Please PM or reply if you want to join.