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I have an idea for a fan game of pokemon.
it will be made using rpgmaker 2k3. (may change)
It will have a cbs where the pokemon appear as actual character sprites
where the trainers will move back and send out there pokemon.
using either choice or pic you select from the following:
atack-select one of your pokemon's atacks
Technique-dodge-increase evasion
-charge-increased damage for your next atack
-defend-decreased damge for that turn
-fight-basic non-elemental atack
flee-run away
pkmn-swap pokemon
pokeball- throw a pokeball
items-use items
pokedex-capture-capture a pokemon's data
-search-look up oponents pokemon's data (does not use turn)
the storyline is about the hero traveling through the land of asdar wanting to become a pokemon master. He gets hooked up with entar (an orginization that steals pokemon) and uknowingly helps out with a raid. when he discovers whats happening he destorys their base and runs off after the admins who evacuate the base and split up.

i'll stop revealing the storyline from here
there will be tons of new pokemon with new evolutions and a way to cross breed
pokemon to obtain others eg cross breed scyther (i not sure how to spell it) and one of my new pokemon irode a steel pokemon to form scissor (since you can't trade)

so what do you think?