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An author is interested in starting a new Pokemon story that talks of a complete collapse of friendship between humans and Pokemon. The government in power is trying their very best to completely eradicate every Pokemon there is, but a Pokemon antagonist constantly gets in the way. However, the author can't think of an appropriate Pokemon for this major character role.

Offer a possible Pokemon character who is fitting to be the antagonist of this story, and explain. Legendaries maybe used. If you see no existing Pokemon that is fitting for this job and wants to make a new Pokemon, describe what attribute does this new Pokemon need to have in order to take up this role.

Points are given according to how well you defend your chosen Pokemon, and if you truly considered different aspects when you choose your Pokemon character.

I dunno. Mewtwo. ~~;?

First, let us remember that Mewtwo has darkened his outlook on humanity, or so we know based off its history. If the government (people) tries to eradicate Pokemon, then that alone will be compatible with Mewtwo. In other words, it makes sense considering between Pokemon and Human, there is sufficient evidence as to why he'd pick Pokemon. Coming from that, Mewtwo is fit to constantly get in the way, whilst the government continues to shred what last remnants of hope Mewtwo has for the humans. His true thoughts (hatred, or whatever) would be absolute. That would explain the 'complete collapse' between humans and Pokemon.

Also, I do not believe Mewtwo is as heartless as his exterior shows. It might be just an opinion, but Mewtwo does have Mew. Assuming he shares a tiny bit of what Mew has to offer, then his total avoidance with humans/Pokemon would be no more. Certainly he'd pay attention to the fact the government is trying to wipe out a kind of his own.

In terms of communication, it is shown Mewtwo is capable of human speech. Although negotiating with humans seem out of context, Mewtwo will pay more attention to the humans, anyway, since humans have always been poison in his mind. Not that he is apathetic towards Pokemon's existence or anything - it makes sense that he is more focused on the government's action, not the health and safety of a few thousand Pokemon. He's not that nice.

What Mewtwo does should be kind of obvious. Destruction for him should be no problem, with his psychic enhanced powers and intelligence. Bullets can be reflected off by his barrier (as shown in the movie), and he could simply teleport to another space if in trouble. If he needs an army...well, he DID lead this group of clones. As frosty had never mentioned exact fighting to take place, Mewtwo might just settle down with major blows to random spots in the government to harm them more - as in not taking it all out on them at once. Or he might just create mass destruction, as seen in either the anime/movie.

Mewtwo was never really much of a protagonist. He opposed everything and everyone, and the author might start off the story where the bond between humans and friendship is teetering. If humans try to extirpate Pokemon, then the Pokemon will no longer trust them. If Mewtwo sees the government committing such act against the Pokemon, he will most likely divert his attention to how low minded and deceitful they act, which will inevitably increase his anger towards humanity. His actions against their actions collide, and eventually the fragile string of friendship will snap.

So, in the end, if written from the perspective of the humans, Mewtwo will always seem like the antagonist. His motives might be vague in the beginning, however, but in the end, despite who wins, the feeling and intentions will not change.


I just chose a random legendary, although I was severely tempted to choose Pichu.

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