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Answering time! XD
Everybody is allowed to answer questions here, just by the way!

Originally Posted by Shaneypoo17
Hi all... i rly need help in quite afew stuff... can i make the emerald title screen look like this?

2. how to change the starters on fire red?

3. where is the prof oak sprite in unlz? if its uncompressed can u giv me offset... to add new events with elite map....

5. what unlz number is the backsprites for emerald hero/ heroine?

ty thats all any help will be greatly appreciated
1. Edit the Tiledata of the Titlescreen. Export it with unLZ-GBA, edit it and import it back in.
Then change the pallete of the Titlescreen to match your needed colors.

2. Goto these Offsets with your Hex-Editor and change the Pokmon-bytes to the ones you like: (A list of values can be found here.)
Bulbasaur: 169BB5
Charmander: 169D82
Squirtle: 169DB8

3. It's uncompressed. You can find it at offset 0045EE00 with TLP or Tile-Molester.

4. Go to the objects tab, select the event type and CTRL+Click on "Repoint". Then enter the new amount of the event and an offset with free space.

5. They are uncompressed. The animations are starting at offset 00D66400. Edit them with TLP or Tile-Molester.

Originally Posted by Arken Daemon
I am trying to make a hack of fire red and the wild pokemon editor I was using "Bewildered" couldn't open the rom it said Supported Rom, but Wild Pokemon base is unspecified. What do I do?

If nobody knows than does anybody know a Wild Pokemon Editor for fire red that actually works.
You have to add the Wild-Pokmon offset to your PokeRoms.ini in order to use bewildered.

Alternatively, you can edit the Wild Pokmon by using Advance-Map.

Originally Posted by Drake1012
hey people... umm, how do u make the guy who stops u in petalburg, and takes u to the gym, take u to anudda place, i wanna make him go sumwhere else to show me the gym... but so far... BAD LUK
You have to edit his Script. ScriptED will help you with that. (It comes with EliteMap.)
See the "commands.htm" and "tutorial.htm" that are located in the EliteMap folder and the Script Database in the Tutorial forum.

Originally Posted by manson_30
I need help bad stile
i am workin on my first hack made all teh over word sprites and i am workin on teh maps on EliteMap and then some freaky sh*t happens when i try and ply the game!!!!
i cant walk anywhere that i have edited what do i DOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks plz i meed help

ye i have downloaded EliteMap and it has a program called bewildered and it wont even open all that i get is "no GBA roms in currant directory at all " how do i sort this out??
As I told you via PM already, you have to edit the movement permissions.
Click on an attribute from the "Attribute" box, then on the Tile of a Tileset you want to have that attribute on.
Now put it on your map.
It is easier to edit them with AdvanceMap though.

That means that you have to put your *.GBA roms in the same directory as the program in order to be able to open them.

Originally Posted by smithy.boy
where you can change someone into a pokeball with an item, it asks whats the number of the item you want the pokeball to contain.
Could someone give me a list of the items next to there numbers?
You can find a list in your "stditems.rbh" that is located in your EliteMap folder.
You will see them listed like this:
#define ITEM_MASTERBALL        0x1
As you see it tells you the Name (Masterball) and the number in hex. (Remember to add a 00 at the end. 1 will become 0100, 2 will become 0200 and 2D will become 2D00.)
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