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About a year and a half ago I started spriting FakeMon. As my collection of sprites started to add up, I decided I was going to attempt to create an entire FakeDex of my own work. I dubbed the project 'MegaDex' and began compiling them into the 'DexPad' you see below. All of these sprites are scratch sprited by me. They cannot be used without my permission, which will not be given until I complete the entire project. Each MegaMon has one or two types which can be seen in the upper right corner of their respective blocks. As I continue releasing more species of 'MegaMon', the DexPad will continually be re-worked until completion.

Fan Art:
Corcyro: by Forest Grovyle
Corcyro & Fuz: by Unknown Author
Dropsy: by Unknown Author

[Attention!!] There are now three Fan Buttons available to insert into your signature!! Since I don't allow the adoption of my sprites, never before has it been possible to have MegaDex sprites in your signature. Now you can show off MegaDex sprites, while showing that you support my MegaDex project. If you'd like to show support by adding a Fan Button to your signature, just copy and paste the appropriate code below!! Just be sure to take the *s out of the code. XD



MegaDex: Returning soon?

This is where I'd post my PC family if any of them were still here. D:
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