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0.o;... Isn't Solar Beam merely the gathering of the the sun's rays (particles) to form into usable energy? That's how I imagined it, anyway.
Weelll... yes and no. The main reason I had a problem with that is because sunlight isn't really made up of particles... well, it is, because light is simultaneously a wave and a particle, but it's not something that a plant collects when it does photosynthesis--the sunlight actually just nudges a few electrons around to get the process going. Mainly I just thought that "sun particles" is a funny phrase, and also I felt bio-geeky at the time and a little nitpicky.

...yeah, I guess sun particles just made me giggle a bit. Makes me think of the name of some kind of breakfast cereal or something. "Start your day with Sun Particles Cereal! Straight from the star that knows mornings best!"

0.o Just randomly scrolling up past the review, I already found an error in it. *applies correction fluid*

The review was no problem. I've rarely so enjoyed doing one.

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