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    This deck is for the TCG2 game on the GBC. In case you're not familiar with it but like to fix it, all sets under rocket (and rocket itself, not returns, mind you!) are in the game, + some GBC only cards (not important for this deck, only recycle energy).

    The goal is to get a snorlax or clefairy doll as active pokemon and deal damage with them, while using dark gloom and (rocket) drowzee to inflict status effects (if you flip tails, no problem!)

    In case you want to know what recycle energy does (dunno if it exists in real life): when it's attached to a pokemon and goes to the discard pile in any way (pokemon faints, super potion...), it returns to the hand. it's treated as 1 colorless energy and no basic energy

    22 energies:

    7x grass energy
    7x psychic energy
    4x recycle energy
    4x double colorless energy

    16 pokemon:

    1x oddish lvl 8 (in case i need sprouten) (jungle)
    2x oddish lvl 21 (better then lvl 8) (rocket)
    2x dark gloom lvl 21 (rocket)
    3x drowzee lvl 10 (rocket)
    2x hypno lvl 30 (poke ball, don't know what set it is, I read it is vending sheet 3 in japan, if a hypno with this lvl doesn't exist, tell me so I will show you what he does)
    3x kangaskhan lvl 40 (jungle)
    3x snorlax lvl 20 (jungle)

    22 trainers:

    2x super potion
    2x energy search
    2x professor oak
    2x super energy removal
    3x clefairy doll
    2x switch
    1x pokemon trader
    4x bill
    2x nightly garbage run
    2x rocket's sneak attack
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