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Hack. ROFL

I know they do! And most of them have only been on the project for a few days! XD

Currently there's a good lot of work going on. I'm pleased to welcome venomwind to the staff, who is doing a good job on writing up what the random trainers in the region say before and after a battle, as well as Crazy Weavile is developing some cool sidequests.

As always, KangasKid's sprites continue to be excellent, and there should be a new batch coming up. I'm also very happy to have received some sweet new trainer sprites from [ray.z] and Maneachicken, including 2 hippies, a tough school kid, and an evil captain of a ship.

Plateface's ideas continue to be useful, including an awesome redesign of Squink who I've never been hugely keen on.

Pokémaniac's been busy sorting out attacks and a TM list, which is coming together nicely.

I'm personally about to tackle the new Hazelfrost City with the new snow tiles. YAY!

Incidentally, Ivar has created this:

Which is the music for Hazelfrost! Try it out, see what you think