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    Hey, cool, you made some great progress You obviously put a lot of effort into this. While there are some minor mistakes, it's really much, MUCH better than the first try. Good work

    Oh, and don't be afraid of your chapters being long. Real, loyal readers will look forward to it, you know

    The Ineffable Agreement Fan
    Haven't you heard? Love isn't just for perfect things...

    And now, the purple fic - but not pruple prose -> I can't believe I'm doing this...

    In the next chapter:
    I literally lost all feeling in my legs at the very thought of Gary finding out about my horrible blunder. Well, to be perfectly honest, running at a maniacal pace for over an hour could have had something to do with the fact that I could no longer feel my feet. Seriously, to my knowledge you had to be either Forest Gump or experiencing some kind of a cathartic state of trance which is considered a sign from god by some jungle-dwelling pagan tribes to run like that.

    I made a mental note to use the fact that fear for my pokemon had the same effect on me a cocktail of hallucinogen mushrooms would have on most people to my defense.
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