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Originally Posted by Kyledove View Post
wow thats a pretty big request but I respect your honesty ; I dont think Id literally be able to do that seeing how I cant even make my own custom world for myself it would take me even longer to create a completely new custom world for acanthite and I wouldnt want to have you guys waiting on me.

I was thinking more like pokemon wise or something. *shrug*
XD that's alright, I figured I'd ask seeing as the ones you have in your sig make me drool. You're incredibly good. All I'm really looking for in that respect is custom grass, trees and rocks, and the paths too probably everything else would remain the same. But I CAN see why that's a bit too difficult. Thanks anyway buddy!

So yeah... erm... you're good at overworld sprites aren't you? How'd you like helping out in that area? Or maybe one or two custom buildings? I'd be very happy if you wanted to do anything at all for Acanthite, so anything you'd like to do and would be happy doing, do it