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Still doing stuff here

Doing more of the main game's progression. I'm gonna have to worry about patching up that annoying battle system later.

Anyways, here's what's happening in Kamon's life today.

Steer clear of spoilers if you don't like them. This is a taster of an intriguing plot point.


And in other news!

A new staff member, jacob_coutino has provided an AWESOME final design of Anjewl and Diavil, two of the game's leading legendaries. (Specifically, Anjewl is pretty much the same as before but in a different pose, Diavil has had no prior fully satisfactory designs but this one is awesome)

His work is of an outstanding quality and it's great to have him aboard.

Also, we're thinking of adding another 7 Pokémon to the total number of species in the world to make the final number be a lovely round 650 (obviously not all of them will be in Acanthite, because that's a silly number, but for reference it's a comfortable number). More on this later.