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Save File Exchange thread
Want to share? This is the right place!

I have an idea. We can exchange and share our save files. It can be useful, I think.

To prevent chaos in the thread, we should use forms like this one:

The form:

It's good to put the text like: "I'm sharing a save file with you all." or so to let people know.
All fields are optional except those where is written (Required).
Game (Required): Pokémon R/B/Y/G/S/C/Ru/Sa/Em/FR/LG (hope you know what are these)
Player's name: *Put the name written on Trainer's card here*
Playing time :*Put the time from Trainer's card*
Number of Badges: 0-8
Location (
this means location in game ): City, Route or important place (e.g. Weather Institute), Region
Team (Required):
Pokémon, level
Pokémon, level
And so up to six...
Pokémon in box: Yes/No (No need to write how many and which)

Additional information: Example: I have Pokédex acquired, first battle with May completed and so...

Now you need only to attach save file.

First save to share:
Quoted to make post cleaner.
I just started playing Emerald again from start and made a little progress, so I want to share my trained Pokémon (only one) with you all!

Game: Pokémon Emerald
Player's name: TAYLOR (I just randomly chose my name - I remember it as a choice from Gold)
Playing time : 0:46
Number of Badges: 0
: Route 104, right before Petalburg Woods - heading to Rustboro, Hoenn
Team: Mudkip, LV 10, water Gun learnt - useful in Rustboro Gym
Pokémon in box: No

Additional information: I have Pokédex acquired, first battle with May completed, Wally already catched Ralts. I'm heading to Rustboro City for challenging Roxanne.
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