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    Hmmm... as usual, a gem of writing. It was so good, in fact, that I completely forgot to look for grammar errors because the prose distracted me from them. Yikes. You know, this story really proves once again that you are a master tragedian... meanwhile, I get stuck with comedy, insanity, and all that jazz. (Hmmm... if I ever co-authored a story with you, what would it be called? "Tears of a Clown?" XD)

    So, once again, ascend your throne as fic writing godess (goddes? How the heck is that word spelled?) on the site. Incidentally, have you ever tried writing a novel? I'd read it.

    Rating on the uber-ACC scale: 9.5... only because I'm afraid that if I give anyone a ten, they'll stop wanting to become a better writer. This story was just... wow.

    x x x x

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