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    Originally Posted by Art_Critic_Cubone View Post
    Hmmm... as usual, a gem of writing. It was so good, in fact, that I completely forgot to look for grammar errors because the prose distracted me from them. Yikes. You know, this story really proves once again that you are a master tragedian... meanwhile, I get stuck with comedy, insanity, and all that jazz. (Hmmm... if I ever co-authored a story with you, what would it be called? "Tears of a Clown?" XD)

    So, once again, ascend your throne as fic writing godess (goddes? How the heck is that word spelled?) on the site. Incidentally, have you ever tried writing a novel? I'd read it.

    Rating on the uber-ACC scale: 9.5... only because I'm afraid that if I give anyone a ten, they'll stop wanting to become a better writer. This story was just... wow.
    Lol. Tears of a Clown, eh? Yeah, tragedy is good for me, though I'm just as fond (if not fonder) of happy/funny stories as well. Oh, two Ds in Goddess. :p Thanks for the high compliment and review!

    Originally Posted by CHeSHiRe-CaT View Post
    Virtually no errors, except for this minor:

    I figured you might have been striving for perfection here.

    Saffire, this is by far the most powerful piece of fan-fiction I have read this year (it also helps when listening to "Stairs of Fire" from Silent Hill). And so you have revealed the world of the Cubone, the No-Faces, and the mothers who dutifully raise them until that final day, when the decision to kill their mother comes. It is so heart-wrenching and depressing to see the fate that befalls the No-Faces, even though they could not bring up the courage to kill their mothers. The ritual is, by far, the most emotional bit for me, including the conclusion where Al’xious finally thanks his mother in silence.

    Your imagery was so potent in the eyes of the Cubone, yet you did not need to write so much description as was necessary for most fics...the atmosphere and mood was perfected in first-person, which is obviously a difficult, but rewarding feat to pull off. Thank you for writing this; I loved how you portrayed this story as so many of us have wondered about.
    Thanks for pointing out that error. I'm on my merry way to keeeelll it right now. Yeah, the Cubone world has always fascinated me, as the Pokédex entry is so mysterious and rather ambiguous. First person can definitely be a difficult perspective to write in -- I find third is the hardest for me for some strange, inexplicable reason. Thanks for your review!

    Originally Posted by vaporeon123 View Post
    You have a very strong gift for writing stories Saffire Persian, I look forward to reading this and other stories you write in the future.
    Thanks. I've written quite a few stories for the fanfiction community already, and I thank you for your kind review; I appreciate it very much.

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