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    Originally Posted by Kasedilla View Post
    As with Loyalty, I like this a lot. The only problem is... well... WHERE'S THE REST OF IT I NEED MOAR OMFG!!!!1o1ne


    Seriously, though, this is lovely. Everything is just so perfect: It's just so charming, and I'm finding myself becoming more and more attached to the characters as the story goes along. (And I must say, I'm really liking Morana: She's a highly entertaining character.) Oh, and the humor is just wonderful. I found myself snickering quite a few times.

    And darn it, you know just how to keep a reader hooked! I can't stop wondering what's going to happen next, especially with the current installment. (Agh, so many questions! Like, 'What's gonna happen to the Growlithe and Chance!?!', 'Why won't the Rat ever have children!?!', 'What did the main character hit his head on!?!' and 'What's the main character's naaaaaame!?!', to name a few.)
    I like Morana too. My favorite, I think. She's based off a RP character of mine for a Pokémon RPG I still participate in, and since I love her character, I've been trying to find some place to fit her into my fanfiction, so Chance happened to be her debut. She's basically the same character - and happens to be partnered to a police officer as well. Cal and Chance aren't from that universe though.

    What's going to happen to Cal and Chance? For spoiler's sake, you'll just have to wait and see. And the Rat thing? Keep in mind that he was drunk, and alcohol does funny things to people - for the rat, it made him a rather pessimistic, melancholy nerd. You can chose to read into it if you wish. I dunno how far that'd get you though. As for Growlithe's real name? Well, you don't *really* find out in this installment, but it's a name you could come up with if you consider all the Growlithe's naming schemes thus far. (Ember, Blaze...) So it has - at least -- something to do with fire. For Cal, it fits the canine's personality quite well, I assure you. XD

    As to what Cal ran into.. you'll just have to stop and wait and see. And on an off note I always find it amusing when people always refer to Cal as a he -- every single time -- even though I've purposely kept Cal's gender ambiguous. So he could be a she for all you know. >.> But it's technically up to you.

    Thanks for your review!

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