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    Leon2457: I’m not sure if it’s possible for every single pokemon to fit into the Pokemon Center’s PC, but I do believe it is possible to fit at least all their basic forms in there. It would take WAY too much time to do that, so I’m not even going to try.

    Dark Zero: Here is your requested SAV file.

    Pokemon Emerald SAV file
    Trainer Name: Joel
    Gender: Boy
    Time played: 0:33
    Location: Outside Pokemon Center in Odale Town
    Torchic-I had to pick a starter

    Notes: Since this was the Emerald version, I couldn’t find a Fast egg hatch code for this game. I tried the ruby version of the code, but they wouldn’t hatch. What I did was give you the pokemon you wanted, but they will NOT appear on your pokedex as caught pokemon, But don’t worry, I also left you the eggs in case you where interested in hatching them.

    Be warned, they will take an extremely long time to hatch, so if you don’t care about them being In your pokedex, don’t even try. Oh, by the way, the eggs cannot be thrown away, so if you want them to go away from the pc, your going to have to hatch them.
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