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    Game (Required): Pokemon FR
    Player's name: Chao
    Playing time : 6:45-6:50 (somewhere inbetween there i think)
    Number of Badges: 1
    Location : Aquaria city pokemon center (aka cerulean city pokemon center)
    Team (Required):
    Pidgeon (pidgeotto), lvl 21
    Dune (Dunsparce), lvl 12
    Ditto, lvl 12
    Don (Phanphy), lvl 10
    Larry (Clefairy), lvl 11
    Char (Charmelon), lvl 23
    Pokémon in box: Yes
    Additional information: Beaten Rival 2nd time, have s.s. Chaotix (formerly Anne) ticket.
    Attached Files
    File Type: sav Gba roms - Pokemon bronzinite.sav‎ (59.5 KB, 286 views) (Save to Dropbox)