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Originally Posted by Amachi View Post
Yeah, the sprite definitely looks more 'legendary', good work. The other one needed to be fixed up anyways XD

So yeah ...

Is it just me, or are the back legs shorter than the front ones? Especially it's left leg o.o
Moreover, it's neck seems separate to the body. I think it might have something to do with that beard :<
In addition, the eyes could look better - try copying those of an Areodactyl sprite, cause I think they're what you are aiming for.
Also, why did you use different colours for the neck and the body? And speaking of which, I don't like how far down the highlighted part of the body is.

So yeah ;D
Thanks but uhh...sheesh. Picky, picky. o.O

As far as the coloring goes, not quite sure how I botched up the colors there. Anywho, that's fixed up. I also took out a few pixels so the body looks more connected to the neck. The front legs are indeed longer than the back legs, but I didn't know there was a law against that. And the back left leg looks smaller than the right because it's farther away. =\

I'm not going to change the eye at the moment. I wasn't really going for an "Aerodactyl" look, but I'll take a look at some sprites of him later on to see what you were trying to get at there. But yeah...not on my list of priorities of things to fix up right now.

I don't understand your last comment, so you'll have to try to elaborate a little more.
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