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Okay, I got my signature up. Now you can click on the awesome picture from anywhere to instantly use Teleport to my topic!

Myzou: The reason why they seem cut-paste-ish, it because, well, they are. As I've said before, these are old sprites. The ones in my first post, this post, and my next two posts are from 2006. I'm just posting the best ones I've made in the past year so that I can get to the good stuff, 'k? n_n

And Samson, speaking of Fake Pokemon, I was just about to post all of my old (2006, so they're bad, okay) Fake Pokemon. Just because they're from a year ago doesn't mean they're still not good though. Just look and enjoy. :3


-> ->

Watt -> Lumenbulb -> Gigavolt
An Electric/Steel lightbulb line. This was my first ever fake line, and I love the way thet all turned out. Everybody loves Watt.


Bearfight -> Bearawl
A random Normal/Fighting bear line I made as the opposite of Bunnyhop/Rabbitjab. NO RELATION TO TEDDIURSA AND URSARANG, I SWEAR >:O

Bunnyhop -> Rabbitjab
My cute Normal/Fighting bunny line. There used to be a Rabbitkick, but it looked too odd to work.

Scythel -> Deviscythe
My Dark/Steel egg thingie line of pwnage. They both use scythes lol.

Dinoclaw -> Tyranoslash
My old Ground type dino line. I used Breloon for Tyranoslash (it's obvious). Also, Dinoclaw was 100% scratch.

Some random Normal dodo I made. Yeah.

Foalshock -> Stallizap
One of my favorite fake lines. Electric/Steel horses are awesome, admit it.

Frostole -> Blizzmole
An Ice/Ground mole line as a rival to Swinub/Piloswine. They started off as Ground type Golden Moles, but the ice makes them look so much better.

Luvdisk -> Heartdisk
Heartdisk is a pretty obvious evolution. Evolve Luvdisk in the 5th gen plz Gamefreak.

-> ->
Leafinch -> Treehawk -> Foregle
This is my Grass/Flying starter line for a region I made a while ago. I love how these turned out. Foregle ftw

Lickit -> Lickitung
My fake preevo to Lickitung. This one got stolen once on this very board (not that it was worth stealing IMO ).

Thornsen -> Toxibarb
Ah, yes. My infamous Poison/Grass line. These were made before Roselia, so when I saw Roselia, I was like "WTF THORNSENS FEMALE EVO

This was the first fake I ever made. He's cute, no? But seriously, Gamefreak is stealing my ideas. *Points to Buneary* >(


My next post is going to be very, very insane. Put on your safety helmets for next time, guys, but even so they might not save you for what is in my next post...