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    I'm glad you guys like my sprites.

    And now, it's time for me to blind you.

    These next sprites WILL scare and/or permanently scar you for life, so buckle up. You're now entering...

    The Insanimixes Zone.

    Seriously, you're probably going to lose your mind.

    Okay, don't say I didn't warn you.


    The Lime Demon
    Hide the children...'s limes! It's the Lime Demon! AAAAAAAH, NO VEGETARIANS ARE SAAAAAFE

    Captain Fluffalufugous and the Golden Sporkscrew of Secks
    There is nothing in the entire Milky Way that can explain Captain Fluffalufugous and the Golden Sporkscrew of Secks. Don't even try it. Just enjoy.


    y helo thar Boofy. He's a magical little fluffernutter ain't he?

    Cradedrekans aka ECKANZ -> RRRBAWKS aka Cradedrebok
    Who needs Ekans when you can have Cradekans?

    Scyssovebeloink aka The Little Green Warrior
    For tonight, we dine on Poffins!

    Skarscyflabuclopsirwageon aka Nawyofetof
    Wild NAWYOFETOF appeared! Wilf NAWYOFETOF used NAWYOFETOF! Trainer fainted...

    Mr. Bumsket
    Well, my friend DID want an Espeon/Altaria mix...MR BUMSKET FIREZ LAZORS UPON GASSING GREENBACK FARFETCH'D'S

    Sheljuradauntakazaveyeboach aka Senor Shellmush
    He hath a mushing room upon his backside.

    Oh my god, I love Tainasormeberasu so much. It's just so awesome. Imagine finding one of THOSE in the grass after Pallet Town...

    Maviphlomoroudilythergar aka TEEF


    So, how was your field trip? I hope you had fun DINING IN HELL! MUAHAH-


    Anyways, my next post is going to be some of my old recolors.

    While I wait for replies...*goes off to play Ouendan 2 and Pokemon Diamond*