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The reason why they're getting better is because, as I've stated before, these are -still- from 2006. I got better as I went along, so...

I'm not even on the 2007 sprites yet.

Expect things even better when I announce the beginning of 2007 sprites, k? :3

Moving on to my sprites.

Time for another piece of 2006. These are some old recolors that I still like.


Gold version Mantine revamp
I love this revamp (well, I love 95% of my sprites ) because Mantine is one of my favorite Pokemon. Now available in a white box for special comparison power! Only $9000!

Dark Lugia recolor
Well, everyone else was making one at the time...

Gold version Kadabra revamp
Made this one for a contest. Plus, it looks darn cool.

Yellow version Mewtwo revamp
There's no words to describe this revamp's coolness. Well, maybe the eye looks a bit weird...

Green version Slowbro revamp
Green green green. Didn't expect a Green version revamp did you?

Silver version Piloswine revamp
Well, what can I say. I love Piloswine so much that I decided on recoloring an original Piloswine sprite.

Magikarp Feebas
Congratulations! Your Magikarp has evolved into a piece of cheese!

Independence Ninetails
Made this for the fourth of July in 2006. n_n