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    Originally Posted by MyFirstLvl100 View Post
    For all of you who dont know, you can clone pokemon by following the following steps.

    1.Deposit the desired pokemon into the gts for like an impossible deal (example lvl 100 budew)

    2.when your inserting the pokemon in the gts there will be a little clock on the bottom right corner of the "Communicating please wait".

    3. when that clock spins 7.5-8 times, TURN OFF YOUR DS

    4.This requires exact timing

    5.turn back the hour of your ds by 1

    6.check your party it will be there

    7.check the gts it will ALSO be there
    Yeah, uh. Didn't everybody already know this...

    And that's dumb. If we need to reset the clock back one hour, what's the point in turning it off at 7.5 - 8 spins? You can just turn it off at one spin and then reset the clock back one hour.

    If turning it back one hour actually helps, then there's really no point in waiting for 8 spins. You can just do it at one or before that. No need to waste any time. It would help if you could actually dig deeper into what you are suggesting.

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