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Originally Posted by Waudby View Post
Flausch thats a good way to get banned, and did u really sign up to say that?

The game looks good, has alot of potential, i think you need to make the routes look alot more natural, as they look like places with only trees on the outside and grass in the middle, add some little areas to it, vary it a little bit more, study the official ones and see what i mean.

Keep up the good work.
Thanks for that. And you're right about the maps. I haven't made them, but I put them in RMXP, so I can make them better looking .

Oh, and ty nova.

I'm going to try hard to make a new menu and pokedex pages, I'm new at RMXP so I think I'll begin with something easy to start off.

(I'm sorry I'm not logged in as Dead or Alive, one day I found it impossible to log in so I had to create this account. A while later I could log in again, so I didn't need this account. I just logged in to try this account again and then forgot to log out . So I'm sorry)