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Pokemon Spinel by Atlantiantokra
made with RPG maker XP

  • Aruko Legend:
    At the beginning Arceus crossed from his own world into one of his own creation and made Dialga and Palkia who in turn created time and space. But Arceus then created life in the form of Mew but Arceus saw Mew as weak and began again, but the primitive pokemon he created were beasts with no greater instinct than fighting and were on the verge of destroying their creators. Mew tried to stop them and gave some of its DNA to one of them, the result was Giratina who was able to reach into Arceus' original dimesion and pulled through one capable of stopping him, Jirachi. Jirachi stopped the primitive pokemon but was unable to remove their primal instincts, but Arceus seeing his mistake used Mew's DNA as a template to create more Pokemon this time creating the Crescelia and the Pixies to heal his creations and make sure that they could never return to their primal forms. Amongst the first to be healed were pokemon like Groudon and Kyogre who began creating the world, and Mew seeing to danger of having pokemon like Arceus roaming free prayed to Jirachi who used his power to seal them away, but in a way that their influence would not be undone and the world would continue to grow. When the Pokemon based on Mew began to grow and thrive the Pokemon Regigigas and Darkrai emerged and seeing the raw power that they possessed Jirachi used Arceus' power to create guardians that could keep the world safe from the pokemon he had sealed away should they ever escape as well as other like them that may appear. Jirachi used the last of Mew's influence and Arceus' power to create Latias and Latios who were given the task of keeping the world at peace and waking the guardians should their power ever be needed. Hovever the after 10,000 years the humans that had evolved sought to use Jirchi's power to increase their own. The peacekeepers then used the power of those that had helped create the world to hide Jirachi allowing him to emerge once every 1000 years to see that his world was safe.
  • Story Synopsys: (I think it's still a bit too general at the moment)
    Team Aeon is seeking to reawaken Jirachi and use its power to reshape the world and remove all those whom they see as not worthy of the gift of life. In order do do this they have to find those whose power was used to seal him away. Mew and Crescelia. The player is a new Pokemon trainer who encounters Team Aeon causing trouble early in their journey learing that they are searching for Crescelia and while travelling happen to stumble upon her and warn her of Aeon. Seeing the purity of your heart and after hearing your warning she allows you to see what Team Aeon's true plans are and tells you what you must do to stop them, beginning with a search for Darkrai.
    Post Aruko:
    Having failed to locate Jirachi, Team Aeon begin to find a way to break the seal on Arceus, and begin travelling to other regions searching for the ledgendary Pokemon that can help their cause.
  • Features:
    • All previous regions (Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Orre/Sinnoh) as well as the orange islands and 2 new regions (3 if you include the underground)
    • Areas with wild ledgendary Pokemon
    • Fight against all old teams (Rocket/Magma/Aqua/Galactic/Snagem/Cipher) In addition to Aeon
    • In each gym there is a level limit. i.e if the highest level pokemon on your team is too high then even if you beat the gym you will not revieve the badge
    • Each new region you will recieve a new starter (in Orre you will get shiny eevee seeing as the 1st new regions starter is also eevee)
    • All 493 pokemon (i will not be creating any new pokemon)
    • New areas, re-located ledgendaries (e.g. to account for having both navel rock and whirl islands and to fit with my story)
    • Special pokemon such as shadow pokemon or uniquely coloured pokemon
    • new outfit available in each region (change is optional)
    • New items (e.g a revive that makes pokemon happier, a link cable to evolve pokemon that need to be traded[like from mystery dungeon])
    • an uber version of battle tower only instead of 7 trainers its 4 old gyms/elite four using lv 100s(yes you will be able work out what pokemon will be used but you can't change pokemon without starting from the beginning)
    • Public transport run to timetables (you can't catch a train or boat whenever you want. you have to wait for it unless it's private, and yes there will be private transport available)
    • TMs and movesets will have minimal modifications and the only new moves will be more elemental hyper beams/giga impacts
  • Updates:
    • I've started using pokemon essentials for the scripts and i've made a title screen
    • il take any help i can get at the moment in particular a spriter and any story suggestions or charcters/ town names etc are more than welcome
    • 25/10/08 - I have begun work on this again, and I am focusing more on dealing with the more basic things (item coding, movesets, which pokemon will appear in Aruko etc.) Once that is done I should be able to make fairly frequent updates
  • Screenshots:(These may be out of date. In particular Butsu City which no longer has the shrine or the route opening on the left)
    The title screen

    The Aruko Region.

    Firken Town

    Duban Town

    Butsu City

    Route 401

    Loki Forest
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