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    Originally Posted by Mudkipblader View Post
    It's quite nice, actually. =)

    Mori is to worried about Ueki to throw herself into battle completely. As he is her (only?) best friend (is it like this in the beginning? can't remember it very well) she does not want to loose him. Knowing how careless Ueki is, she tries to stop him from loosing all his Zai/Talents.
    I'd act the same, I think.
    Originally Posted by DarkArcz View Post
    Mori's only apparent friends are the people who hang around Ueki, and Ueki himself, of course. Though she also seems to like to spy on people...
    (The first episode)
    Originally Posted by Shiranui View Post
    But in the end, it seemed that Mori completely relied on Ueki to save her. I know that she was worrying about Ueki and stuff like that, but shouldn't she worry about herself as well? And she should know that Ueki is more than capable of taking care of himself, anyway.
    Originally Posted by Mudkipblader View Post
    If you don't count the using-his-Zai-whenever-he-likes-forgetting-he's-hitting-normal-people-and-that-he'll-disappear, yeah, he can pretty much take care of himself. x)

    ^not made by me, found it somewhere.
    I totally agreed with Shira-chan!
    I think Mori should have do that instead of relying all the things on Ueki..
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