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Well I began many years ago as a Younger trainer, at that time Iwas Twelve when I started out to be a Pokemon trainer. I was introduced to Professor elm by my father who was thrilled to get me off on my adventure.

When I met Professor oak he told me that he didn't have any pokemon left except an Oddish that he caught yesterday. So he gave me my first Grass Pokemon which I adored. It was a girl and I nicked named her Glory.

What amazed me was that she new Razor Leaf, which was rare that she knew that move. So after a long speech and a pokedex I was off towards the other towns. I began to train my Oddish in the fields around me. I defeated many pokemon and my Oddish began to grow stronger and learned new attacks.

My next stop was to face Brock in Pewter city but first I was to catch 2 more pokemon.

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