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    okemon Solar and Lunar


    1.) Introduction
    2.) The Story
    3.) New Pokemon
    4.) New Abilities
    5.) New Moves
    6.) The Region
    7.) Towns
    8.) The Characters
    9.) The Pokemon Solar/Lunar Team

    Part 1- Introduction

    Welcome to the world of Pokemon Solar and Lunar Versions. Pokemon Solar and Lunar takes you on a journey across the region of Isho and meet over 100 new pokemon while on a quest to take down the evil Team Cosmos and become the Pokemon League champion.

    Part 2- The Story

    The story of Pokemon Solar and Lunar takes place in the region of Isho, which consists of two landmasses divided by a sea. The western landmass is the largest and with the most establishments, and the eastern landmass is the smallest with the fewest towns. A normally peaceful region, the evil Team Cosmos has been wreaking havoc across the land, stealing pokemon and rare items. Who can stop their rampage of chaos?

    In the peaceful town of Tinygem, a 10-year old kid wakes up in the rays of the morning sun, looking forward to getting their first pokemon and starting a journey to become a Pokemon Master. In this case, we will use the male character, Max. When Max walks down the stairs, he finds that three Team Cosmos grunts and their mysterious leader, Mystique, have broken into his house. The grunts start battling his mother and her Yawnie. Max's mom ends up losing to the grunts’ pokemon, then Mystique commands the grunts go through the bookshelf. They rummage through it, grab two very old books titled "The Legend of the Solar Being" and "The Legend of the Lunar Being” and run off with them. Mystique laughs and says, "Sorry little boy, but you can't stop Team Cosmos from obtaining what I rightfully deserve!", then she walks out of the house. Max runs to his mom to see if she is alright. She says that Team Cosmos stole a very important book explaining about the legendary pokemon of Isho. What would Team Cosmos want with information on the Pokemon of the Sun and Moon???

    Suddenly, the main character’s childhood friend, Emma, comes into the house to remind the main character that they have to go to Professor Holly to get their first pokemon. She sees the mess Team Cosmos made in Max’s house and asks his mom what happened. Max’s mom explains to Emma what happened, then tells Max and Emma to go ahead to Professor Spruce’s lab and she will deal with the mess. The two kids then head off to Route 301 and on to Ruburgh Town, where Professor Holly’s laboratory is located.

    When Max and Emma arrive in the quiet mountainous town of Ruburgh, they go straight to Professor Holly's lab, which sits on a hill overlooking the town. Professor Holly greets the two kids and offers them a choice of three starter pokemon: Aquotter, Embear, and Treecoon. Max chooses his first pokemon, then accepts a Pokedex and 5 Poke Balls from Professor Spruce, then starts to walk off. But once Emma gets her pokemon and items, she says she challenges you to a battle. Whether Max wins or loses, Professor Holly is impressed with Max and Emma’s battling, and recommends that they take on the Pokemon League Challenge. Max and Emma are interested in the proposition, and Professor Holly tells them to go to Sappharbor City to take on the first gym. Emma takes off first, followed by Max, both determined to get to Sappharbor City. And for Max to get revenge on the evil Team Cosmos…

    Part 3- The Pokemon

    Over 100 pokemon will be introduced in Pokemon Solar and Lunar, but only a few have been made so far, with many more on the way. Here is a preview of some of the pokemon:

    Type: Grass
    Species: New Leaf Pokemon
    Ability: Overgrow
    *evolves at Level 14
    designed by me and Dajon

    Type: Grass
    Species: Leaftail Pokemon
    Ability: Overgrow
    *evolves at Level 36
    designed by me and Dajon

    Type: Grass
    Species: Rainforest Pokemon
    Ability: Overgrow
    designed by me and Dajon

    Type: Fire
    Species: Cub Pokemon
    Ability: Blaze
    *evolves at Level 16
    designed by Tyler

    Type: Fire
    Species: Bear Pokemon
    Ability: Blaze
    *evolves at Level 36
    designed by Tyler

    Type: Fire
    Species: Grizzly Pokemon
    Ability: Blaze
    designed by Tyler

    Type: Water
    Species: Sea Otter Pokemon
    Ability: Torrent
    *evolves at Level 18
    designed by me!

    Type: Water
    Species: Sea Otter Pokemon
    Ability: Torrent
    *evolves at Level 32
    designed by me!

    Type: Water
    Species: Sea Otter Pokemon
    Ability: Torrent
    designed by me!

    Type: Bug
    Species: Silkworm Pokemon
    Ability: Shield Dust
    *evolves at Level 7
    designed by me and Wierdmin

    Type: Bug
    Species: Cocoon Pokemon
    Ability: Shed Skin
    *evolves at Level 10
    designed by me and Wierdmin

    Type: Bug/Flying
    Species: Silk Moth Pokemon
    Ability: Swarm
    designed by me and Wierdmin

    Type: Ghost/Ground
    Species: Mummy Pokemon
    Ability: Levitate
    *evolves at Level 24
    designed by Tyler

    Type: Ghost/Ground
    Species: Demon Pokemon
    Ability: New Wraps
    designed by Tyler

    Part 4- New Abilities

    As with any new game, there will be new features involved. Here is a list of the new abilities in Solar and Lunar (will be refreshed with updates):

    Alkali- Poison moves do double damage.
    Possible Existing Pokemon:
    Dunsparse, Eevee, Skitty, Delcatty, Steelix

    - Recovery moves heal 40% less HP
    Possible Existing Pokemon:
    Meowth, Persian, Absol, Sneasel, Weavile

    Hollow- Special moves do 25% less damage.
    Possible Existing Pokemon:
    Qwilfish, Duskull, Dusklops, Dusknoir, Shuppet, Bannette, Froslass

    New Wraps- The Pokemon recovers a little HP every turn.

    Night Walker- The power of Ghost and Dark moves are increased at night.

    Nobility- Recovery moves heal 40% more HP
    Possible Existing Pokemon:
    Togepi, Togetic, Togekiss, Vespiquen, Goldeen, Seaking, Delcatty

    Whiplash- Has a 10% chance to do 25% of the damage of your attack as recoil.
    Possible Existing Pokemon:
    Barboach, Whiscash, Diglett, Dugtrio, Bagon

    Part 5- New Moves

    Solar and Lunar will feature many new moves for Pokemon to learn, and an expansion of Technical Machines (unknown amount) and new Hidden Machines (not yet set).

    Dragon Power
    Special/Power- 140/Accuracy- 90/PP- 5
    The user unleashes a powerful burst of elemental energy against the opponent. The user must recharge the next turn.

    Fire Bomb
    Special/Power- 75/Accuracy- 95/PP- 15
    The user lunges a ball of fire at the opponent. 30% chance of Burning the opponent.

    Flare Claw
    Physical/Power- 70/Accuracy- 100/PP- 10
    The user attacks the opponent with a burning claw. 30% chance of Burning the opponent.

    Support/Power- x/Accuracy- 75/PP- 30
    The user's speed sharply increases.

    Freeze Claw
    Physical/Power- 70/Accuracy- 100/PP- 10
    The user attacks the opponent with an icy claw. 30% chance of Freezing the opponent.

    Jet Spiral
    Physical/Power- 80/Accuracy- 95/PP- 15
    The user flies into the air, then swoops down into a spiral and hits the opponent.

    Lava Cruise (HM)
    Special/Power- 90/Accuracy- 85/PP- 20
    In battle: The user slams the opponent with a wall of magma.
    On field: Allows the user to cruise over lava with certain pokemon.

    Peak Blast
    Physical/Power - 80/Accuracy - 90/PP- 15
    The user exerts a blast of chilly mountain air toward the opponent. Has a 10% chance to do double damage.

    Spark Claw
    Physical/Power- 70/Accuracy- 100/PP- 10
    The user attacks the opponent with a shocking claw. 30% chance of paralyzing the opponent.

    Part 6- The Region

    The land of Isho is not fully complete, but details and some of the cities have been made. The region is made up of two main landmasses divided by a sea. The largest is the western landmass, which hosts most of the cities and towns, and is mountainous and has a lot of forest. The eastern landmass is the smallest and shaped like a crescent. It is a tropical region with a volcano in the middle of it. The theme of the towns and cities are gems and stones.

    The hometown of the main character is Tinygem Town, situated in the Western landmass of the region. The towns following are Ruburgh Town, Sappharbor City, Emerwood City, Diamopolis City, Amberelic City, Celequartz Town and Frostone City. Located south of the landmass is Tropal Island, a small isle filled with tropical plants and Pokemon. On the eastern landmass lies Dentech City, Igneoridge Town and Pearlshore City. In the ocean is Blucoral Town and the Pokemon League.

    Part 7- Towns

    Tinygem Town- The hometown of the main character. No other significance in the game.

    Ruburgh Town- A small town situated in the foothills of the western landmass. A hill overlooks the town, and Professor Holly's lab is situated on the hill.

    Sappharbor City- A major port town, with access to the ferry service leading to Tropal Island. It is home to the first gym, lead by Marina, a user of water-types.

    Emerwood City- A "green city" with citizens that recycle and do everything they can to keep the environment clean. The second gym of the Isho League is in the town, lead by the flying-type trainer, Aeron.

    Diamopolis City- The largest city in the Isho region. The city hosts the Normal Rank Pokemon Contest Hall, Isho Department Store and Game Corner. It also is home to the ever-spectacular Isho Science Institute, where the region's leading scientists meet to connect with each other and share data, as well as announcing breakthrough discoveries. A subway is located in the town, with four stations (inspired by Mezereon City).

    Amberelic City
    - An ancient mountain city full of history and tradition. The center of trade and commerce of the ancient Isho region, the city hosts a network of underground ruins, ancient buildings, and artifacts, and the city's proximity to the Divine Temple gives the city a feel of an archeological dig site. The third gym is lead by the ground-type trainer, Terrence, who is the caretaker of the city's network of ruins and ancient sites.

    Celequartz Town- A small, ancient town west of Amberelic City and the Divine Temple. It is believed to be older than even Amberelic City. The Celestial Clan, a group of citizens that practice the ancient ways of Isho life and the guardians of the Divine Temple, resides here. A certain character originated here...

    Frostone City- A chilly, snowy town located on the north slope of the snow-capped Mt. Powder, which resides to the north of Amberelic City. The fourth gym is located in Frostone, lead by Icicla, an ice-type trainer.

    Tropal Island- A small town on a tropical isle south of Sappharbor City. It is home to the fifth gym and the Super Rank Pokemon Contest Hall. A lush forest with many pokemon and tropical plants resides on the island.

    Dentech City- The sister city of Diamopolis, but with a more industrial theme. Dentech City is home to the Teck Corporation, producer of the Pokemon Cummunicator (PokeComm) and other goods. It is also home to the the Ultra Rank Contest Hall and the Poke Studios, where the Isho Radio Station, Isho TV Station, and Movie Production Studios are located. Dentech City hosts the sixth gym, with a leader named Ellie, who uses electric-types.

    Igneoridge Town- A town located at the base of Mt Flare, an active volcano, and the tallest mountain on the eastern landmass. It is the gateway to the Mt Flare Trail, which leads to the peak of the volcano, and the seventh gym. The leader their is Frederick, who uses fire-type pokemon.

    Pearlshore City- A tropical seaside town located on the southern tip of the eastern landmass. There is no gym there, but it hosts a variety of alternate things such as the Master Rank Pokemon Contest Hall, the Sanctuary Lighthouse (a great training spot), and discover the secret of the "Pearlshore Telecom Company", which is really an outpost for Team Cosmos. The weather there is always sunny and temperate.

    Blucoral Town- A small, tropical island town with a close proximity to the vivid Blucoral Reef, a huge ecosystem with many unique pokemon. It is home to the eighth gym and is the gateway to the Isho Pokemon League.

    Part 8- The Characters

    So far only a handful of characters have been created. Here is a preview:

    Max- the male choice for the main character. When he is the rival, he is an energetic boy who can get a little competitive, but will help the main character in some parts of the game.

    Emma- the female choice for the main character. When she is the rival, she is a caring girl who tries to help the main character whenever needed. But she can get a little competetive when it comes to battles.

    Professor Holly- the leading authority on Pokemon in the game. She offers the main character their first pokemon and tracks the progress of their Pokedex throughout the game. She is an expert on pokemon evolution at the Science Institute in Diamopolis City.

    Team Cosmos- the main antagonists of the game. They are bent on creating havoc throughout the land and to try and get control of the legendary Pokemon of the Sun and Moon (depends on the version). Their leader is an evil and mysterious trainer named Mystique.

    Mystique- the evil and mysterious leader of Team Cosmos. She is determined to take control of the Solar and/or Lunar Being and use their powers to eclipse the Sun or Moon, and wreak chaos across Isho.

    Marina- the leader of the Sappharbor City gym and the first one in the game. She is an expert of water-types.

    Aeron- the leader of the Emerwood City gym and the second one. He is an expert of flying-types.

    Terrence- the leader of the Amberelic City gym and caretaker of the Amberelic Ruins and the Divine Temple. He is the the third gym leader and uses ground-type pokemon.

    Icicla- the leader of the Frostone City gym, the fourth in the Isho League. She is a user of ice-type pokemon.

    Ellie- the leader of the Dentech City gym and the sixth one. She is the daughter of Mr. Teck, the president of the Teck Corporation, and is a user of electric-type pokemon.

    Frederick- the leader of the Igneoridge Town gym and the seventh leader. He is a scientist of the Isho Science Institute that studies the eruptions of Mt Flare and is an expert with fire-type pokemon.

    More leaders and characters are planned for the game.

    Part 9- The Team

    -AeroMaxx (co-founder/main artist)

    -Tyler, my brother (co-founder/pokemon designer)

    -Dajon, my cousin (co-founder/pokemon designer)

    *Wierdmin (mixed tasks)

    *dice442 (pokemon designer/spriter)

    *these people are from the Pokemon Acanthite forums

    We are looking for people who can do stuff such as graphics, music, mapping, sprites, etc. Join the Pokemon Solar and Lunar team!
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