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    In light of my own blunders and the newbish mistakes of my new-to-hacking peers, I figured this section could use a "Read This First" thread. If It's unwelcome go ahead and delete it, but I figured it would save new posters like me some time and older members the hastle of explaining the same things over and over. I want to format it like this:

    Before you start posting your ideas, take into consideration the following:

    1. It's near-impossible to make a hack that includes all the pokemon lands.
    Why? Because there isn't enough space in the GBA rom, you would have to expand it but that would require Hacking the Game Engine. This is stuff for advanced hackers.

    2. It is impossible (at this time) to do a Diamond/Pearl hack.
    Why?Because at this point the games are too new and haven't been figured out yet. Small sections of them have been hacked, however, so this is likely to change in the near future.

    3. It is near-impossible to use ALL the pokemon in any hack.
    Why? Because the game only has 25 (98 with the advance versions if you know what you're doing) free slots to add more pokemon. More slots require engine-hacking.

    4. It's near-impossible to make a pokemon follow you around (for those of you who are planning on doing a Yellow remake).
    Why? Technically it's possible but requires special script for EVERY tile on EVERY map. Good luck.

    5. You can't give someone else a ROM.
    Why? ROM distribution is highly illegal, so people give others their ROMs in the form of an IPS or APS patch.

    This'll provide me and the other newbs with a list of answers to the questions they're bound to ask sooner or later as well as provide critical information regarding the whys and whynots of the ROM-hacking trade.

    If this isn't a good idea or if there's already a thread like this, go ahead and delete it (if there's already a thread like it could you move it here and sticky?). If you like, please sticky. All are free to post questions and you think should be on the list. Please provide the whys too for the sake of me and the other newbs. There's also the possibility of someone eventually figuring out ways around the various problems once they know why there's a problem in the first place, and we can all benefit from that.