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I'm really looking forward to this game. Although, the glitch of the old man and Missingno with the super-high level Pokemon surfing on Cinnibar...I had an interesting experience. It seems the Pokemon change with your trainer's name, as my name was Andrew, and I saw both Mewtwos and Golducks...I had around 10 level 145-255 mewtwos at one point. I don't remember exactly which parts of the name made it to be those Pokemon, however...I'll search it up.

Also, there was a very nice glitch in that if you go straight to Cinnibar after being in a Safari Zone section and surf, you get that zone's Pokemon in the water (you can't go anywhere else tho...and it doesn't stack with the super-high level Pokemon glitch either). I loved this because it made catching the really difficult Pokemon (i.e. Scyther, Chansey) very easy...especially if you glitch-duplicated your Masterball previously...

Those were the two I used a lot and remember.


I found the page that tells what Pokemon and level you get from what your name is:
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h t t p : / / g l i t c h c i t y . i n f o / m i s c / n a m e g e n 2

trange...I definatelly remember a Golduck, but the data says Snorlax...maybe there was one of those's been way too long...

Anyway, hope this helps!