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    Chapter Five: A Real Chatot-Box

    *********Team Magma HQ, 5th Floor*********

    "Avinarti Imalurra," Flora said clearly to the GPS for the eighth time.

    Once again, the 'No Match, etc.' message showed on the screen. In a sudden display of humanity, the oral reply was 'You stupid girl, how many times do I have to tell you I can't find him! Give up!'

    "Knock knock," Tekari warned. "Flora, it's time for you to tour the testing facilities. Elune, are you ready?" The Arcanine barked and nodded, galloping over to Flora. "Get on, my daughter."

    "Get... on?" Flora replied in confusion. "Er, ok." She got on Elune's back, the Arcanine more than happy to allow herself to be a mount. She yipped happily as Tekari motioned her to the stairway up. Flora jumbled her body, not quite eased into it yet calmly planted on the canine. Elune began to trot over to the stairs, going up with a thoomp, thoomp upon every step. Upon reaching the sixth floor, there were no longer stairs going up. "Um, Daddy, is this the top floor?"

    "Yes." Tekari nodded as he headed for a Ninetales encased in a glass shield. "This is our latest strain carrier, Flora. We've harnessed a strain that turns Pokemon into morphed versions of themselves, bringing about a somewhat human vibe yet, by looks, is mostly Pokemon. The original strain bearer dies shortly after passing on the bug to other beings, human or not. The virus changes its code once outside the main host. The afflicted is able to transmit the code via bite. So far we have successfully sent over 100 of these alpha specimens out to the main reaches of Hoenn. We've been working in conjunction with other branches in Johto to hopefully make this a true pandemic."

    "Pandemic!? Daddy, that's crazy!! You haven't put that inside Mom, have you??" Flora was shocked at what was going on.

    "No, that was simply an accident. She got bitten by an Arcanine that carried an entirely different DNA code. See, it's not easy for us to capture humans so many times we will send out these "changers" to turn the prey into a Pokemon. From there it's simply a matter of beating the tar out of it in battle and wearing it into submission. Elune, however, was fortunate enough to not exhibit the aggression side effects usually found in victims."

    "I've no regrets, nor any malice toward Tekari or anyone else involved," Elune said calmly, looking back at her rider. "Flora, this was an unfortunate mishap, but it was unavoidable."

    *********Three years ago, same location...*********

    "Elune? Get up here, please."

    "Coming, dear." A white-haired woman, around 5'3" with frosty blue eyes, appeared on the top step dressed in a black sleep robe. Her feet were covered by velvety black slippers the made a shuffling sound with each step she took. She walked slowly to the eastern wall, standing back from the western side where her husband was observing a large Arcanine, about seven feet tall, surrounded by a glass bubble to prevent its escape

    "Elune, our latest Arcanine changer is ready... could you come here and-" Tekari's words broke off upon the shattering of the glass around him. A shard lodged deep in his left arm, and blood splashed to the ground as he turned toward Elune. "Get out of here!" he yelled, but it was too late. By then the Arcanine had pinned Elune against the wall and bitten her on the right hand. The feral Pokemon leapt through the window about a foot away, bringing about more broken glass. Elune fainted as her hand dripped red upon the nearby ground...

    *********Magma HQ, 6th floor, present day**********

    Tekari pulled back a small portion of his left sleeve to reveal a jagged gray scar against his peach skin, shaking his head. "I had thought about suggesting plastic to the Boss later that week..." he said somberly. "I paid dearly for that delay."

    "Where did the Arcanine go?" Flora asked curiously.

    "I wish we knew," Elune explained peacefully. "We haven't seen a single sign of any escape in the past three years. It's either dead or still on this island."

    "Daddy." Flora turned to her father, dismounting the snowy Arcanine. "When humans are changed... do they still show up on our GPS?"

    Tekari nodded, puffing his sleeve back over the scar. "Of course they still appear. It would be extremely difficult to track them otherwise. They do, however, appear with a distinction that we transmogrified them. If our prey were to get nipped by a morpher, though... no, as far as the GPS would know, they'd be dead and gone."

    Avi... please be safe... Flora nodded in acknowledgment, not wanting to look like she had drifted off. I'll find you somewhere... I won't care what you look like.

    *********Souther Route 120, near the boundary to Route 121*********

    Shade had made a resting point within the tall grass, nestled deep in hopes that no trainer would catch glimpse of him. He sat on his lower body's left side, alert but in meditative thought. A voice broke his silent trance, a familiar voice, origins to the north, that put rare fright in the Houndoom morph...

    "I'm telling you, he went this way!!!" Winona had been chasing Avinarti all the way out on Route 120, coming up fruitless in her quest.

    "Winona... I don't think he's out here." The voice of Fortree City's Officer Jenny called back to the enraged young woman. "I've heard witnesses claiming he passed out dead about halfway down the route."

    "No!!!!" Winona yelled in disgust. "Damn it, I'm not giving up! He killed Altaria and I won't rest until he's locked up forever!"

    "Winona... let it go. Do you really think Avinarti would kill your Pokemon? He's completely clueless about them. I'd think if anything, he just sat and observed it. You said you thought it had been poisoned... does he sound like someone who would even know how to make poison?"

    "I'd heard he saved that dragon-bird's life," Shade muttered in a low voice. "Poor kid... no wonder he's dead, having to run from a total ***** like you..."

    "What did you call me!?" Winona shouted to Officer Jenny. "If you weren't a cop I'd make you drink those words through a straw!"

    "...Winona? All I said was that I don't think Avinarti's guilty. I didn't call you anything."

    "...Hm. Right. Sorry, Jen." Winona shook her head. "Did you hear a growling voice just then?"

    "Yes, I did." Jenny looked to the south, only seeing tall grass blocking the horizon. "And you're forgiven, I think I heard the same word you did."

    The pair walked into the grass, Shade paralyzed with fear. His legs wouldn't move; some unseen force kept him planted to the spot...

    "Huh? Oh, it's just a Houndoom..." Jenny said, only seeing Shade's head through the brush. "Never mind, Winona..."

    Winona tore apart the brush separating the three, and Shade's face contorted into a mixture of shock and a gasp when he saw the Gym Leader's red-flushed face as her teeth grated against each other. Me and my big maw... Shade thought as he stared back at Winona...
    My rookie attempt at fanfiction.

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