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The reason I have T-tar in that deck is for laying back on incase I don't draw the right cards.This is saying that I would hopefully draw a combo for T-Tar. It has 140 hp which it can take alot of damage and it deal damage too. T-Tar is there for insurance.

Yes I know I don't have many trainers in this deck I should put more but I haven't play this deck to much.

Furret sounds good because I can get 2 cards without showing my oppnent. I might see how that goes if the deck doesn't fair to well.

The change I might make is play Darkrai 2-2. Im set on basic pokemon so I'll prolly do this.

Absol is good for taking out cards but I wasn't going for that.

Claydol I only have one but I see where you are getting at with the draws and speeding up.
As for trainers I dont play with any of the EX cards. I don't like them to much. I should max out on bebe but I'll see about doing that when I play the deck more.

Yeah I was trying to aim for a fast deck but I'm looking more as a getting up 2-4 prizes on your oppnent.
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