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    {Okay, here I am shaking off the cobwebs... please forgive me if this is TERRIBLE.
    Also, posts are going to be a little slow until Monday, my last exam is then.}

    Name: Rachel 'Rusty' Woods
    Age: 17
    Gender female
    Time Period: Present
    Appearence Rusty's nickname may conjure images of flaming red hair, but she is in fact an angelic blonde, which has cut into a neat little bob. She claims her nickname derives from her constantly rosy cheeks. Rusty always appears to be blushing - but just wait until she's embarrassed for real, when her whole face goes cherry-red.
    She isn't overly skinny - in fact, Rusty is a little on the 'curvy' side, with an hourglass silhouette - but she remains more-or-less slender, despite being a little 'plump' in the bum and chest area. She looks healthy and natural, most importantly.
    She dresses in white linen trousers and a yellow-and-white striped tank-top with a bow on. Almost as unpracticle as her outfit is her footwear, which is a pair of flip-flops whatever the weather. Her toenails and finger nails are always painted gold

    Personality Rusty is an odd girl; she is totally confident around people, never doubts herself or her pokemon, and is incredibly happy about who she is. Because she is relatively attractive, Rusty can be arrogant, bossy, and most of all, flirtatious – and she has no qualms about her appearance. She also thinks she's an adept trainer, and has utter faith in her own abilities and pokemon.
    However, she is easily put down in the pokemon sense – her self-esteem is a fragile thing when it comes to battles, and she easily gives up or feels unworthy. She also frequently doubts her intelligence. In times like these, she turns to her aesthetics to boost her confidence. In this way, Rusty is a very shallow young woman.
    Thankfully, she doesn't judge others by their appearance; while she judges her own self-worth on her appearance, she judges others by personality or battle skills.

    History: Rusty grew up very poor, and very lonely. Her Mum was a single-parent living in a high-rise building in Celadon, and worked pretty much constantly in the casino. She had very little time for her daughter, and expected Rusty to perhaps get a job as a till-girl, or a cleaner, or a waitress. Rusty was more-or-less neglected. However, when she got to about thirteen, she began to bloom – and suddenly people noticed her, her mother included!
    While her mother began to plot her daughter's modelling career, Rusty was showered with gifts and presents. She was suddenly seen as a ticket out of poverty! Rusty loved the attention but loathed the reasons behind it, and one day ran away.
    Here, she discovered a Togepi, that was being teased by growlithes. Rusty shooed the dogs off and healed up the buneary - who was obviously very lost.
    It turned out the pokemon was actually owned by an old man, a professor of sorts. He gave the Togepi to her as a gift. This began Rusty's love affair of battling.
    The little egg was holding something, too – an idol.

    Togetic - Twist
    An incredibly shy pokemon. She's embarressed by her own weakness and rarely tries to battle.

    Alakazam - Lennon
    Lennon is a happy, peaceful, outgoing pokemon that is always joking and messing around - oddly enough. He is also extremely powerful, but doesn't ever take his strength seriously.

    Larvitar - Bold
    As his name suggests, Bold is an gutsy, arrogant pokemon that is overly satisfied with itself. However, Rusty won't let him evolve - she doesn't like Pupitars and is terrified that Bold will become uncontrollable as a Tyranitar

    Starmie - Mimi
    She's a Starmie - there's not really much to say.

    Rp sample soon. Honest.

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