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Originally Posted by .:AnDrE:. View Post
Let me help you. Your map looks like it has some potential and it looks like you're dedicated to do such a big map and use soooo many different tiles.
The Mart is hidden all the way back there behind a mountain, if you were playing you would want it somewhere closeby and easily noticed. There is no entrance into this place, I don't need to explain that, but also think of the border block; unless it's more plants (which is not a good idea) then you'll need to sort it out, make a tree tile with with plants in the background. There's that block surrounded by hedges, this space is useless, you want each area on the map to have a purpose and that space is clearly neglected. I do, however, like the battle between the two Nidoran there to emphasize the point of the area and I like the flower placement. But that leads me on to say that you have too many randomly placed flowers, I know it's not that easy, but try and have some sort of idea of where the plants will go (e.g. infront of houses). I like the double battle at the top of the mountain for the same reason as before, however the mountain is way too high and it takes up too much space. I like the prospect of the ledge on the front of the mountain, however, it looks wrong, so try and make it look right by making a steep mountain wall behind it (it's hard to explain, PM me and I'll show you what I'm talking about). That small building with the two doors looks wrong as well as the Pokémon center; keep it traditional. The mountain at the bottom of the map, the rocks by the lake and the lake itself are all very random. The mountain is wrongly made and it should be a cave or something. The rocks are just pointless and they're in a circle formation which is once again pointless. The lake should lead somewhere so that there is a reason for it being there. The bottom of the page is just empty, but I know that you're still working on it so that should not be taken into account.

You have potential, sorry if I've been too harsh, I'm just trying to help.

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