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    First off. I had no part of it. So why the **** would my AIM be posted? "Theroy (followed by the numbers) I suggest you remove it. I don't want a bunch of 6yr old kids knowing my AIM.

    Second thing I want to get at here is how can god let so many stupid people roam this Earth? I swear to god I had more fun reading your idiocy that you call posts then I did with pokemon Blue Green Red Toquise ect....

    I don't know if Pokemon fans are naturally breed retarded or if it's a result of the show either or this has to stop. Again, the only reason I'm posting is because some of your stupid members with no knowleded at all decieded it would be cool to post my contact info.

    While I'm here lets point out a few things that I thought was some what entertaining.

    and also many PM has dissapered (i had 18 this morning now i have 8 (and no i didn't delete any of them))

    Holy ****!!! If this is the least of your worries you need A) life B) less Pokemon C) A brain D) kill yourself

    better play it safe and go with D you incompitent bastard.

    Master Blaze
    I found there clan site in google.
    He typed clan in google. Now there's a goddamn genious for you I mean wasn't at all a random site picked ment to disgust infact this was a well planned ploy for month and years of our life. I'd like to know the clan site you decieded to get these members to spam. So I can appologize and explain that "they" had no intentions of making retards go to there site and spam it with retardness. So in conclusion Master Blaze should get a ****ing intellgence Award.

    hmm... blaze. dont worry. i WILL hack them. remember how i told u i could get ur ip and do bad things? now i have someone to use iton
    Dude you can't even properly spell a ****ing sentence. Let alone hack anyone. You know Those secret doors that seem to pop up in animes well that dosen't happen in real life. Why don't you go do some bad things some where else? Before your mom gets home so she wont ground your *** for another week. Like sneak into your dads porno collection that I know he onbvioulsy has because there's no way in **** that some one as stupid as you was born naturally! or from a women with common sense. I can only hope that one day while you're "hacking" (aka shoving knives into light sockets) you kill yourself.

    heh good luck lol this is just horrible and im not saying you should hack them imakuni but we should hunt them down i have some keywords we should put in search engines to find them
    Another quote from the forums Einstine. I mean Typing keywords in google will defentaly find us with out a doubt. Why didn't I think of that. I sure got the CIA beat to hell I'll just type "osama bin laden" into google and with in hours I'll have exact location to his cave in Afganastan. Wait till the CIA finds out. You didn't patinate this idea did you? Psyduck how I envy your intellegence.

    ha! double trouble! good to work with you again!
    You guys make up the 1337 hacking crew!! Hey guys we might as well shut ourselves down I mean there's no way we can escape the grasp of these two.

    i am working round the clock to hack that clan for what they did
    lol, around the clock? You better get some sleep. It's offical lack of sleep makes you a retard. So does Pokemon A + B = you Wow.

    I wanna get those Hackers! tell me thier site! *Gets DOS out ready to shut it down*
    Do you know what Denial Of Service Attack is? Or did you use Mr. Einstines theory of type muk into google and then you can be smart? Because if you did... You maybe would come to realization to take out a site with a decent host you'd need maybe 150 people to do it together. And to take out you'd need 300? Nah you already knew that because I mean you're a haxxor.

    they hacked through zapchu's account and destroyed it, we had no choice to delete it, she will be re-admined soon.
    No choice at all! Removing the account from having admin powers then changing the password is unheard of! Good ****ing move.

    Originally Posted by Link the Hero of Time
    "Dark link you mean you e-mailed them something bad like SPAM,Out cussing them or something? "

    Yup. Bingo!
    I'm sure they learned there lesson.

    They wont bother us again! I'm a good hacker! I hacked them! I did not hack this Forum! Someon alse did! I hacked the hacker!!!
    You didn't do a very good job of it

    Ugh, I can't belive it...I got a nice, rude PM one? about a report I made in the firered/leafgreen section telling me to shut up...I guess it was worse for some people...

    hacker dude 1:"Duhhhh, im bored lets go pick on some of those geeky pokemon freaks."
    hacker dude 2:"Yeah, wouldn't it be funny to send them perverted stuff."
    hacker dude 1:"errrrr, yeah that be sweet, first let me wack myself in the head with a hammer like i always do, errrr"
    Hate to break this to you but this may a suprise to you as well. You're not funny so please for the love of god never try to be again

    I got the website
    How come every one and there dog think they have "their" site when they don't have one?

    The Pretend Hackers Part Two

    I think they hacked my computer too My dad will kill me
    Never use a computer calculator or a hand held device ever again... You might hurt yourself.

    This will only work if they don't have a firewall on. If they do, it'll only show the firewall's IP
    The true words of a real hacker. by the way mind telling me how a firewall gets it's own Ip address?

    Theroy123456789 if anyone wants one of their aims...god they are so annyoing...darn little racits.
    Uhm, you used the word ****** more then I've ever seen in my life. I didn't make one racist comment and actually quite against racism. But the funny thing is I'm not black....

    Man..... did you see thier site yet? they have porno video games! Sick! *spits*
    What Site!!!? Never mind this is obviously a cleaver ploy to make you leave our site alone. Well there site because again I wasn't part of it.

    AZ Supra T: NO, they hacked zapchu's account
    imakuni575: oh!
    PokePalaceNet: ummmm 3.0.3 is 3.0.x
    imakuni575: yes
    PokePalaceNet: zppy account.....
    PokePalaceNet: prolly had a crackable password
    imakuni575: probably is
    imakuni575: I FIGURED OUT HOW THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!
    PokePalaceNet: how
    imakuni575: theres a program called vBullmuk. You type in where the config.php is and it will list all the admin passwords and usernames.
    PokePalaceNet: admin passwords aren't listed on config.php
    PokePalaceNet: they're encrypted into the db
    imakuni575: it gets into the db using the config.php
    PokePalaceNet: how tho
    imakuni575: the database variables i guess
    This is the convorsation of the elite. After spending some time looking up a program vbullmuk it came off that such a program dosen't exsist I guess it's a metaphore for retards when they can't explain stuff. Passwords ARE encrypted in md5 in the ****ing database and to decrpyt them would take 5 days for a 5 letter password using md5 crack trust me that's not how it was done. Second the config does store the DB name and password but permissions on the server are there for a reason you moron. And I doubt you can access a database on localhost from a remote location anyways you ****ing stoop. Database variables do you even know what your saying sit down before you kill yourself.

    Okay Here's The Solution To Your Mystery.

    You should be thanking me I mean putting an end to the massive stupidity in one sentence. Here's how they did it........

    Ask Zapchu what her password was before she changed it Enough said. Again I want my AIM removed from this site and an apology. And if I was envolved trust me you wouldn't be here right now.

    Now I wait for the apology.