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Originally Posted by ~Nevermore~ View Post
Hi guys. Yes, we are still working on the game, we've just been having some trouble lately, mostly that our programmer currently has no acess to a computer. Which, as you can imagine, is a bit of a spanner in the works, hence why you haven't had a battle screenshot yet. He should hopefully have computer/internet back next month, so fingers crossed for then. Sit tight guys, we're not gonna let this game die
Well, we'll be hanging on every word. Incidentally, I have some updates to the two scripts I showed you, if you would like to see. (Including fixing a MAJOR hole in one of them. The other is just for increased functionality)

Originally Posted by Douger View Post
Vavavoom, you've got your own game. Why does this not surprise me? lol
Honestly, at least post a comment on the game itself. Addressing Vavavoom, who is no longer is an active member of the community, is about as effective as trying to talk to your long dead great-great aunt, twice removed. On the other hand, commenting on the project itself, or even on someone else's comment, is much more reasonable. (so long as it is actually constructive)

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