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    This is an old game that my friend Hylian Lemon and I started sevveral years ago. We have worked on it on and off, and last year, this came up a great deal. Eventually, I became very skillful with Game Makers Code, and started updating this engine to the best of its ability. Then, everything started falling into place. This is the last and final demo for this game. This will never be completed. Want to know why? All I will tell you is that we are redoing it in a better way under a differnt title. EVERYTHING WILL BE NEW AND DIFFERENT. (Except graphics style XD). Well, have fun with whats there, which is up to the Amather Plateau, which is more after the first dungeon, hear that, you get a miniboss AND a full boss to fight =D. BTW, there are 2 special names you can name Link before you give him an actual name to change his suit color, which effects are similar to Link's Awakening. Red Color=Power Boost, and it knocks enemies back witht he effect of a Piece of Power. Blue Color=Defense Boost, reduces all damage by half. BTW (2), I left the sword techniques in for you guys: Rolling Thrust (roll, then press sword button), and the Hurricane Spin (do a spin attack, and during the spin attack, hold hte sword button fro a total of 10 extra spins).

    Z: Z-Button (Confirm, Select on File Selection)
    X: X-Button (Cancel, Cancel on File Selection)
    A: A-Button
    S: Action-Button (Roll, Talk, etc.)
    Enter: Open/Close Menu (Go past title screen)
    Space: Opens Map (In Dungeons, specifically, Hero's cave and the South Castle ruins)

    Link is wandering through the forest outside Termina, trying to find his way back to Hyrule. It is late at night, and he thinks he sees lights up ahead. Heading through the trees, he is suddenly attacked by a dark shape. (It is more elaborate in the game).




    Programmer (Coder): Dlbrooks33 (Dlbrooks34 for PureZC)
    Sprites: Hylian Lemon, Dlbrooks33 (Dlbrooks34 for PureZC)
    Maps: Hylian Lemon
    Music: Hylian Lemon
    Tiles: Gashin, Yue, Hylian Lemon, Dlbrooks33 (Dlbrooks34 for PureZC)

    Disclaimer: "The Legend of Zelda" is a trademark of Nintendo, this game is not sold for profit!
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