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This is my Psychic/electric Deck. For any one that posted on my last deck, i'm sorry. I've improved much since then. Any way, if someone could stop by for a quick r/f, it would be great.

Latios (Trainer Kit)
2x Girafarig (Dragons)
4x Mewtwo (1st Movie Promo)
4x Pikachu (2x 1st movie promo, 2x Trainer kit)
Magnemite (Neo w/ the pyramid)

Super Energy Removal
Time Capsule
Scoop Up
Pokemon Trader
2x Professor Oak
2x Bill
2x Steven's Advice
4x Potion
2x Computer Search
4x Energy Search
4x Energy Removal

12x Psychic Energy
12x Electric Energy
Pokemon: Digital Warp Version

Check it out!
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