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    Originally Posted by Nikko.Ideator View Post
    OK. To tell you the truth, I wrote it last night when I was tired. My grammar is usually better, and being 100% awake, I realize the idea was not so great.
    Tip: When writing, let your work cool for at least twenty-four hours. Then read it over again with a fine-toothed comb. You do not want to submit anything that hasn't been proofread first. Trust me. You seriously don't. (Unless it's some weird turn-on to get this kind of review, at which point, I think I might take a step back here, if you know what I mean. o_o)

    Joking and dirty minds aside, it's great that you know that you weren't in the best mindset. I mean that honestly because it means you know what to do next, and that's to be a bit careful and don't rush yourself into posting something that isn't ready (even if it is a preview).

    Regardless of whether or not you'll stick with this particular idea, I hope to see further work from you that shows those skills you usually have when you're fully awake.
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