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    okay here are some spoilers about the maps story (it's pretty improtant to the story


    well i modeled this after my home town anyway this is what happens in dis map

    right when you get in the map a police man comes and warns the town about a dangerous criminal (you)

    after that the ways out of the city are blocked, if you ask one of the police man that are blocking it why they are there they will tell you that it is because they do not want to let the criminal escape and that until the investigation is finished no one can go outside of the city.

    after looking around a bit the gym leader of the town will find you and try to arrest you, after you beat him you will make him listen to your side of the story.

    he will then take you to an underground passage inside his gym, then the police will barge in and try to arrest you, the gym leader will push you into the underground and tell you to get out and that he would hold them back, you here a gunshot that was supposed to be for you followed after by a yell, the gym leader did not survive......

    now something you're gonna love! i couldn't find anyone to make battle graphics for me so i sucked it up and made my own! (i am aware of the font, i'm trying to figure out how to change the color)

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