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For the zero supporters out there...(Just kidding, I know you're out there, and look at the thread, but never post. I can at least name six people that do this...) I just want to tell you about something. I just discovered Allistar's, and a lot of other tiles lately,(Fine, I discovered them a long time ago... I just never thought of using them) and I've decided we need a change of graphics. So, I'll be using tiles from different places in different cities(Allistar's is Gumtree Grove and Beeswarm Town, Kyledove's on Mountaintrack Road, Destined's on PkMn Highway...), just to make it look good. Just thought you might want to hear it, meh, not really a update. I'll post screens when I finish editing the tilesets and actually map the new areas.

See ya!
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