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    Originally Posted by LU-HO View Post
    hello all
    yes, nice to hear ;-)

    the problem is, i'm working on an new version of AdvanceMap at the moment, and i have only 2 hands.

    I'm more interested in the Advance-Generation, i have much to do for these Roms...

    But i bookmarked and saved these tutorial on my PC, if i found time i will try to make a DPMAP also.

    pichu2000 tanks for this. but sorry i cannot help on Analyse the data, to busy ...
    but i'm interested on updates for it ;-)

    greetz LU-HO
    A "DPMAP", huh? Sounds interesting.
    I can't wait for the day there will be a 4th Generation mapping tool.

    BUT, this is a very useful document, pichu2000.
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