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Alright everyone im Looking for trades/trading some events and pokemon that i have. Im mostly looking for events/Darkrai events that i dont have. All mine are legit, and of course i dont want hacks and all Events are UT. If they have a * then i will not trade unless a very very good offer come up.

What I want
ANY Darkrai(no matter the event) i DONT have
Birthday Charmander
Giratina from Platinum(T or UT)
World 08 Lucario(08178)
10ANIV Espeon(00010)
10ANIV Umbreon(00010)
LV 50 Milotic(12157)
Any Event I dont have

What I Have: Events
Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk Lv 10 Celebi-Hardy (31121)
Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk Lv 10 Celebi-Jolly (31121)
ALAMOS Darkrai-Rash(05318)*
ALAMOS Darkrai-Hasty(05318)*
ALAMOS Darkrai-Lax(07038)*
Pokemon Movie 07 Darkrai-Lonely(07147)*
Pokemon Movie 07 Deoxys-Hasty(07147)*
Pokemon Movie 08 Shaymin-Hardy(07198)
Pokemon Movie 08 Regigigas-Adamant(07198)
10ANIV Dragonite-Serious(00010)
10ANIV Articuno-Lonely(00010)
10ANIV Suicune-Quirky(00010)
PKTOPIA Pikachu-Hardy(06257)
PKTOPIA Magmortar-Modest(06257)
PKTOPIA Electivire-Adamanat(06257)
TCGWC Pikachu-Hardy(08107)
Mystry Mew-Rash-(06930)
10JAHRE Lugia-Careful(06227)*
TRU Manaphy-Careful(09297)
WISHMKR Jirachi-Bold(20043)
Gamestop Deoxys-Gentle(06218)

What I Have: Non-Event
Lv 70 Heatran-Hardy(UT)
Lv 70 Giratina-Rash(T)

also i have ALOT of items so if you need any items let me know i may have them.
FC: 1779-0219-9359
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