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    Pokemon Gen X
    The future is already here

    Hack of Leaf Green

    Team Gen X


    The game is set in the future of the pokemon world. In this future pokemon have mutated e.g. the game will contain fakemon (put off until after beta), origanal pokemon from all genaration games and alterd pokemon.The game is set in a new region but you may visit old regions.

    The story

    The ultimate aim of the game is to find and capture the mutation form of Deoxy, which has caused pokemon to mutate and to controle the mutations it causes (note no mutations will take place during the game they are ment to take too long, however some have already taken place including some legendaries are now normal). The location of Deoxy is only known by the champion of the elite four, currently a peace loving enviromentalist who refuses to give away the location because Deoxy could be used to create super pokemon stronger than Mewtwo, so in order to find it you must defeat the eight gyms and the elite four. Team Gentic are also trying to find Deoxy they want to use its power to create a super pokemon, named X (X will appear in the game at the end and you will get the chance to catch it but it will be no stronger than Mewtwo), capable of transform and chaing type at willthis is becuase its DNA is based on the DNA of sevral other pokemon all with the abbility to change type.The pokedex is also important because the mutations in pokemon need to be propperly recorded. As well as the Team Gentic deoxy and X plot other plots include a 5th Regi (will include extra info about the 1st 4 regis too) and a syrum that turns pokemon legendary.

    Gym Leaders
    1. ?????
    2. ?????
    3. Cara - ground - relic hunter
    4. Sam - fighting, bug, poision - ninja
    5. ????? - ice - ice pokemon user
    6. Gail & Hal - castform - weather man & woman
    7. ?????
    8. ????? - mixed types - expert
    Elite Four
    1. ????? - water - surfer dude
    2. Zac - flying - pilot
    3. ????? - ghost, poision, dark - witch doctor
    4. Paul - steel, electric - mechaninc
    5. Name Not decided - plant, water, flying, ground - enviromentalist
    • Rival
    • Team Boss Xi - strong pokemon
    • Team Executive Alpha - mixed
    • Team Executive Beta - mixed
    (all team names are code names, Giovani should have kept his real identity hidden )


    Neti for the ice tilesets

    Help Please
    1. Any suggestions for pokemon, trainers, the name of the area, a better name ect.
    Thanks to any one who helps me by the way.


    p.s. hopefuly be able to make a thread in the haks showcase but got to do some work first.
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