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Pokemon Raptor is STILL going?
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    Well hai thar. I'm Legend of Awesome if you haven't noticed. :D I also go by iFaux or Faux..or YEH. [Don't ask].
    Anyways, Pokemon played a giant part of my life. I know yeah yeah, I'm a nerd, whatever. But I didn't actually
    start with the games. I started with the Anime. I watched the premiere of the anime, and went and got the first game
    [red] as soon as I could. I still cry at Pikachu's Goodbye. It's just so sad. D: And I get a little emotional when
    I watch Pokemon: The First Movie. Why? The part when Ash is turned to stone because he runs infront of Mew and MewTwo's
    physcic-ball things. It's not that, but it's Pikachu. He tries to get to get his friend back as hard as he can,
    and the way he just can't do it and's just sad. D: Anyways, so yeah, I joined PC about a year ago.
    I started a game, Pokemon Deluxe, in RMXP. That failed, and I stopped the production of it. I pretty much
    left PC then. I came back yesterday, NINE MONTHS later. XD. I'm starting a new game, which this thread is for. :o
    Pokemon Nitrogen. [You're in for a suprise if Pokemon Nitrogen gets complete.]

    Created with...RPG Maker XP! :D

    Opening Story
    In the region of Oreg, Pokemon everywhere were acting weird. Some pokemon had ran from there owners for now apparent reason,
    some attacked things such as people or other pokemon, even inanimate objects like rocks and trees. The reason
    for this was unknown.

    Recently, a meteor had fallen in the town of Boulder. A top-secret team, the Strange Phenomenon Association,
    or the SPA,quickly had the area covered. Nobody could come near the strange meteor, and nobody could get into Bouldertown.
    The people of Bouldertown were eventually forced to move out of the area. The meteor has come to the attention of
    many greedy and evil people, such as Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic, Team Aqua
    and Magma leaders Archie and Maxie are also interested in the metoer.
    [to be finished soon]

    coming soon.

    LOA - Everything
    We're recruiting everything. =p

    Coming Soon
    b]Thanks to:[/b]
    poccil - Starter Kit

    Current Status
    Starting game up
    It's all about the sex pokemon here!

    Welcome me back. D:
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