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    Originally Posted by Trace View Post
    Just wondering...
    - Is this going to have one, really long level, or multiple ones?
    - What kind of Pokémon are you going to include?

    As for the name, there are a few choices. Invasion is one, but it's fairly overused. And if you're going for a more violent name, how about Pokémon Onslaught?
    The levels will vary in size and there are 10 planned levels and 2 secret levels based off old stages from previous unreleased projects of mine.

    The level which you saw was small in size but i made up for it by including very tough pokemon to take out. Now the level that i am working on (area 8) will be large and have multiple areas in it for you to explore and each with their own danger.

    Pokemon that are gonna be included in this game are...


    Those are just the few that I can say will be in it.

    Pokemon Onslught? hmmm...interesting....

    Wow nice idea man. I really will enjoy playing this wont I!So its just a 10 level or so platform shooter involving dead blue gutted octilleries? Sweet! Please oh please tell me the goomba equivalent in this is bidoof!
    Lol goomba equivalent? No stomping here And it aint gonna be only octillerys but im glad you like it.
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